40th Reunion
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Following is a photo spread of the 40th class reunion, which was held at the home of Bud and Kim West.  Note: All photos are "thumbnails". Click on any photo for a full size version and use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

Bear.JPG (24163 bytes)

"Greeting" Bear

KimWest2.JPG (15044 bytes)

Kim West

budwest.JPG (17768 bytes)

Bud West & Jeannie Bertoncini Meyer

cups.JPG (12959 bytes)

35th Reunion cups

backyard.JPG (72200 bytes)


barbeque.JPG (63856 bytes)


general.JPG (19270 bytes)


steaks.JPG (14838 bytes)


abbos1.JPG (17184 bytes)

John Abas

ackerman.JPG (16051 bytes)

 Duke Ackerman

andrews.JPG (32899 bytes)

Judy Pendergraft Andrews

mcburney.JPG (43670 bytes)

Sally McBurney Ackerman

gordon.JPG (13595 bytes)

Martha Jane Gordon Manes

Bauer.JPG (12801 bytes)

Bill Bauer

carmen.JPG (24813 bytes)

Robert Carmen

chow2.JPG (18894 bytes)


chow1.JPG (16514 bytes)

More "chowline"

collier.JPG (12639 bytes)

Kathy Gilfillan Collier

Costa.JPG (11668 bytes)

George Costa

cummings.JPG (34717 bytes)

Gary Cummins

dancer.JPG (13158 bytes)

Dave Dancer

dwyer.JPG (14975 bytes)

Judy Dwyer Moore

Eden.JPG (14452 bytes)

Charles Eden

gay.JPG (14860 bytes)

Gay Tremewan Coey

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