All Class 2005
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"A Blast From the Past"


The All Class Reunion "A Blast From the Past" was held at the Nevada County Fairgrounds
on May 27 -29, 2005.  Following are photos from that event.  A show of Old Cars was held at the
same time.  To see these vehicles click HERE

Note: Photos below are "thumbnails". Click on the photo for a larger version.


All05001Melanie.JPG (90519 bytes)
Melanie Le Gate Kuhnel
& Kathye Gilfillan Collier

All05004SharrieAllenStair.jpg (51438 bytes)
Sherrie Allen Stair

All05005BillLowe.JPG (107316 bytes)
Bill Lowe

All05012aJimWillis.JPG (35649 bytes)
Jim Willis

All05013HapDonna.JPG (124834 bytes)
Donna Ridinger and Hap May


All05015aPaulHenslee.JPG (18898 bytes)
Paul Hensley

All05017LindaandLeanneLusk.JPG (98751 bytes)
Linda Nettles and Leanne Lusk

All05058DaleHafelinger.JPG (84945 bytes)
Dale Hafelfinger

All05089LeeDuncan.JPG (105447 bytes)
Lee Duncan

NUHS All Class 05 046.jpg (165708 bytes)
Bob Knuckey

All05019BudandGeneWest.JPG (100166 bytes)
Bud and Gene West

All05021PhyllisHudsonHess.JPG (97114 bytes)
Phyllis Hudson Hess

All05024KenCasper.JPG (89818 bytes)
Ken Casper


All05035GeorgeMiller.JPG (99179 bytes)
George Miller and Mary

All05037JoePeters.JPG (100267 bytes)
Joe Peters

All05043HarleyMonian.JPG (89761 bytes)
Harley Monion

All05045DianeBeechelPingree.JPG (88577 bytes)
Diane Beechel Pingree

All05050WallyBrooks.JPG (101473 bytes)
Hap May, Wally Brooks, Donna Ridinger