45th Reunion
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The 45th Reunion is now history and all who attended would agree it was a wonderful event.  A great deal of credit goes to the organizers of this event, most of all to Kim and Bud West who again donated the use of their beautiful home and grounds.  The weather was beautiful, the food great, and all enjoyed the music of Wally Brooks and his fabulous band.   A lot of folks worked hard to make this such a success and you can find out more about them  by clicking HERE.

Below are some photos from the reunion. There are multiple pages.   Check back often...there are a few more photos to come.  Please report any errors.

Group Photo  (by Ron Q. Sanchez)

Note: Photos below are "thumbnails".  Click on photo for a larger version.


76 Susana Wilson.jpg (25798 bytes)
Susanna Wilson, 45th Reunion Coordinator

80Scan Max Miller.jpg (40456 bytes)
Max Miller, Master of Ceremonies

79 Wally Brooks Band.jpg (43873 bytes)
Wally Brooks and his band

005NUHSTurkey.jpg (45898 bytes)
Yum   Turkey

053NUHS Cooking Steaks.jpg (43957 bytes)
John Abas

047NUHS Bear at Entrance.jpg (66365 bytes)
Miners58 Bear

193NUHS Bud West.jpg (46872 bytes)
Bud West

46aScan Jim Moore.jpg (31045 bytes)
Jim Moore

008NUHS Verna Thompson Hainer.jpg (46930 bytes)
Verna Thompson

012NUHS Diane Ascinar Daniels.jpg (38162 bytes)
Diane Asnicar Daniels

011NUHS  Annie Brock Parsons and Jeanne McCauley Ilif.jpg (37604 bytes)
Annie Brock Parsons

016NUHS Ilene Williams McGinty.jpg (43607 bytes)
Ilene Williams McGinty

017NUHS Dave Dancer.jpg (24919 bytes)
Dave Dancer

027NUHS Nancy Phillips Karvonen.jpg (45748 bytes)
Nancy Phillips Karvonen

030NUHS Bob Filler.jpg (38524 bytes)
Bob Filler

19Scan Linda Kenney Hawthorne.jpg (21638 bytes)
Linda Kenney Hawthorne

010NUHS Lana Schomberg Nelson.jpg (34309 bytes)
Lana Schomberg Nelson

9 Tom and Sharon Hughes.jpg (25682 bytes)
Tom & Sharon Hughes

54Scan Leanne Lusk Petras.jpg (11834 bytes)
Leanne Lusk Petras

6Scan Kathleen Brandon Boom.jpg (23587 bytes)
Kathleen Brandon Boom

064NUHS Dale Hafelfinger.jpg (48569 bytes)
Dale Hafelfinger

065NUHS Phil Gregory.jpg (47977 bytes)
Phil Gregory

091NUHS Bill Lowe.jpg (58230 bytes)
Bill Lowe

093NUHS Bill Bauer.jpg (58486 bytes)
Bill Bauer

081NUHS Marilyn Hill Kuebler.jpg (57447 bytes)
Marilyn Hill Kuebler

083NUHS Dorothy Hamilton Chedwick.jpg (56782 bytes)
Dorothy Hamilton

094NUHS Wally Brooks.jpg (67616 bytes)
Wally Brooks

221NUHS Tom Hughes and Fred Maish.jpg (56441 bytes)
Tom Hughes and
Fred Maish

60Scan Roger Olson.jpg (24326 bytes)
Roger Olson

63aScan Lee Duncan.jpg (33911 bytes)
Lee Duncan

59Scan Bob Carmen.jpg (22261 bytes)
Bob Carmen

58Scan Gary and Peg Winney.jpg (28770 bytes)
Gary and Peg Winney



Note: These photos are reduced in resolution for the Internet.
 To obtain a high resolution original please contact me at ron@miners58,org