Reunion Thank You
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A GREAT BIG thank you to all the volunteers who helped make our 45th NUHS Class of 1958 Reunion such a wonderful success:

First of all thanks to Bud and Kim West for once again being such wonderful hosts and for providing their lovely home and garden.

Organizer Sue Wilson began preparations began over a year ago.  Much help was provided by Marilyn Kuebler, who searched by Internet, phone and email for your addresses.   Next Phyllis Hess compiled all this in her computer, made mailing lists and labels, and sent the two newsletters and final follow-up postcard Sue Wilson wrote, designed and printed.

Diane Pingree, our class secretary was busy keeping track of all the reservations that came in, plus our payments for commemorative glasses, and photos. She sent out checks from our class bank account to pay for our food, drink, table decor, mailing and printing costs, plus other expenses which Kim and Bud and a host of other volunteers were presenting.  Diane provided us with lists of all the prepaid  purchases, which made everything run smoothly on the day of the party.  

Dorothy Hamilton Chedwick headed up a housing committee and generously offered several options at her home near Rollins Lake.

Jeanine Anderson, Diane Asnicar Daniels, Judy Rader Cook, Linda Houser David, Lana Schomberg Nelson, and Diane Beechel Pingree, also known as the "Flower Girls" made the snazzy nametags.    This surely helped avoid a lot of guessing as to whose face belonged to which old pal.  And, did you notice they made the type large enough to read?   They've saved the templates on disk so the work will already be done for the next reunion.

Behind the scenes we also had Jane Gordon Manes at work organizing our commemorative glasses.  We have a few left over.  If anyone is interested in buying a bunch, please let Jane know. 

Melanie and Ron Kuhnel put together all of the biography notes you sent in by mail or by email and readied  them for publication in our commemorative books which they designed and printed.  Ron Kuhnel is webmaster for our web site where many messages are left and received.  He's collecting photos from this and past reunions to post there.  If you haven't looked at our website lately it has become better than ever.  Internet communications surely helped in all around organization for this reunion.

On the day before the reunion Chuck Hilpert, Jim Moore, Joe Peters, Sue WilsonBud and Kim West  set up the tables, chairs and tents.  Verna Thompson came over to help Kim in the kitchen, putting together platter after platter of yummy hors d'oeuvres. Kim's daughters Tiffany and Cristy were also making salads. In their kitchens the Flower Girls were doing the same. Wally Brooks came to set up his sound system and test for next day's party.

On the day of Verna came early in the morning to decorate the tables with the pretty blue cloths and sparkly gold tassels.  Sue picked up dozens of helium balloons and the big sheet cake Kim had ordered.  B-B-Q Kings John Abas and Bud's brothers Jim and Gene West stoked the flames and began their job of roasting the delicious turkeys and tri-tips for our 4:00PM dinner.  Young Jim West set up the bar, which he cheerfully worked all that day.

Dozens of salads from Kim's and many other kitchens arrived and filled refrigerators to bursting capacity.  Judy Cartoscelli and Jane Manes were on the road early to place the directional signs they had made and their eye-catching blue & gold helium balloons in prime positions so we were all easily steered towards the reunion.

Marilyn Kuebler brought in the big cooler full of local wines, coffee, mugs, T-shirts and 1958 CD music that she and Sue Wilson had put together for the raffle.  The proceeds were to go for a start-up scholastic scholarship at Nevada Joint Union High School in the name of the Class of 1958.  This will be in addition to the already existing sports scholarship in the name of Jim Jackson.  For more information on how to donate please look for the Nevada Joint Union High School Scholarship Coordinator contact on this website.

The Flower Girls unfurled a tablecloth pinned with our nametags.  Gary Cummins assembled and set up the Memorabilia Corner on the West's patio.  Jim Moore ran the shuttle pick-up from the Brunswick Shopping Center.  This helped a great deal with the scarcity of parking on Butterfly Drive.

Our MC, Max Miller and organizer Sue Wilson worked on their scripts for the big show; the band arrived and started to warm up. Around noontime Marilyn Kuebler and Bob Knuckey (assisted by Verna Thompson and Kay Moore) set up their sign-in table loaded with badges and commemorative books at the West's front gate. The Class of '58 began to filter in; Kim, her right hand helper Tamea and their volunteers served delicious food on the long buffet tables. The air began to fill with talk; laughter and good food odors and Wally Brooks' great band played on until dusk.

The next day's clean-up crew had to work in and out of the raindrops. And weren't we lucky that the showers came the day after?  Bud and Kim's clean up helpers included: John Abas, Orson Hansen, Chuck Hilpert, Warner Hooker, Larry Hunt, Lester Moffet, Jim Moore, and Roger Olson.

There were many, many more helpers who lent a hand during this fun time.  If we've failed to mention your name, please know we are grateful to you all for making the 45th NUHS Class of 1958 Reunion so much fun and such a great success.